Reclaiming Your Body

Healing from Trauma and Awakening to Your Body's Wisdom

How to Transform Your Gut Instinct Into a Powerful Ally That Dissolves  Overwhelm and Uncertainty at a Moment’s Notice … So You Can Move Forward with Confidence and Clarity! 

Learn how to hold with compassion, heal, and integrate the parts of you that may have been lost, traumatized, compartmentalized, disowned, or simply left behind – So you can reclaim your heart, your gut, your bones and all the other wisdom areas within...

So… Your Heart shows you daily what is “Yours to do” at a soul level, as you recover your sense of purpose and return to full-hearted living.

So…Your Gut guides you moment to moment on what is right for you and what is to be avoided at all costs.

So…Your Bones offer you the sacred space that steadies your emotions and clears your thinking.

So…Your Pelvis naturally fuels your creative endeavors and helps you manifest what you came here to do at a soul level.

So…Your Legs and feet activate the dance of your soul.

So…Your Integrated Brain offers strategies for follow through and wise decision making.

Who we are meant to be is all within us – waiting to be unlocked, held with compassion and love, and… Reclaimed

Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit – in all these components of being human, the one that gets left out most often is the body

Yet your body’s wisdom holds the key to unlocking healing and full aliveness

How We Think about Ourselves and the world may be limiting and narrowing our abilities. And these limiting beliefs are anchored in the body. Until these places within are brought to consciousness and held with love and compassion, complete healing cannot occur.

How We Embrace Spirit is all important for full aliveness and that sense of connection that makes life worth living. Yet, many people have spiritual practices that shun, control, condemn or ignore the body. True spiritual presence welcomes the body as a partner in the process of life.

How We Feel our Emotions and what we allow ourselves to Experience – and how deeply – can be a source of power or can be our downfall when our shadow parts or traumatized places have hijacked our consciousness. Again, meeting our emotions in a grounded, clear manner allows us to experience them from a Grounded, centered and wider perspective.

Suzanne will build on the fundamentals taught in Soul Embodiment® and together you will discover the next steps... leading to the key to healing and transforming your life - and Reclaiming Your Body

Join Me - Step into your Life More Fully

and Embrace Yourself with Love and Compassion.

Allow Your Dreams to Manifest and Grow

Suzanne Scurlock, CST-D

Creator of Healing From the Core®

Suzanne Scurlock is one of the world’s leading authorities on conscious awareness and its impact on the healing process.

Suzanne is the author of two acclaimed books:
Full Body Presence: Learning to Listen to Your Body’s Wisdom
Reclaiming Your Body: Healing from Trauma and Awakening to Your Body’s Wisdom.

The World Needs You and Your Gifts Right Now

Learn the Practical Skills and Tools to Reclaim Your Body

and Step Confidently into your Future

A Special Note from Suzanne:

“This Is a gentle love-filled process. There is a rich simplicity in what I teach – And it will have a profound effect on your life as you practice what you learn here.

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